Golden Nano Materials


  • Au nanoparticles (1-20 nm range with high monodispersity)
  • AuPt nanoparticles (1-10 nm range)
  • AuAg nanoparticles (1-10 nm range)
  • Fe-oxide@Au core@shell nanoparticles
  • Other mono, bi, and tri metallic alloy nanoparticles (e.g. Ag, Cu, AuPtFe nanoparticles, etc)


Fuel Cell Catalysts


Carbon-supported Pt-based and Au-based alloy nanoparticle catalysts for fuel cell reactions.

  • Au/C
  • AuPt/C
  • AuAg/C
  • Fe oxide@Au/C 
  • Other carbon-supported mono, bi, and tri metallic alloy catalysts
Chemical Sensors
Sensor modules and components for detecting VOCs
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